Planning another Trip to Pattaya & Jomtien

September 11, 2007

Can’t Wait!

Pattaya, Here we Come!


Barebacking: A Plain English Translation

April 17, 2007

Remember this… For the next time…

When someone says to you,

“By the way, do you bareback at all?”

What they are REALLY saying is….

“By the way, I’m hiv positive… Are you?”


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Sexual Paradise

November 30, 2006

The bottom line about Sexual Paradise on Earth — Thailand — is…

Even if you’re not into Asians….

Here’s why:

(A) The going rate is about $24 for 24 hours of fucking… or sex…. or whatever you want to do… You can make them your travel companion, tour guide, translator, have them carry your shopping bags… and then go home and fuck some more… They are even thrilled to travel anywhere in Thailand with you!

(B) Even if you’re not really into Asians… You WILL find hot hot hot young studs there. You will find one out of every 100 “boys” there look totally white, or latin — with gorgeous faces… ALL of them have hot bodies… There are every type — from national champion bodybuilders to skinny little boy types…. And because there are literally THOUSANDS of these boys (18-28) to choose from…. On any given evening, you will easily find 2-10 that are HOT HOT HOT — even if you’re not into Asians… They also come in top, bottom, or versatile….. and in ALL sizes… And, yes, the big ones are HUGE!

I had 3 boys the first day…… 3 the last day……. and 2 every other day.

It was REALLY fun…

I kept almost all of them for at least 24 hours. Several of them I kept days at a time… One even travelled with me from Pattaya to Bangkok and back…

It is a sexual paradise.

And the Thai people are gorgeous soles… Their Buddhist and Karma beliefs make them even more warm, friendly, and loving.

DO NOT let the poorly-designed websites and bad pictures fool you. It really is sexual paradise… but they don’t have money for fancy web design….. and all the go-go clubs have huge signs prohibiting photograpy, so it’s very hard to get good pictures of what the studs are really like…

The critical links:


Le Cafe Royale, Boyz Town, Pattaya — THE place to stay in Pattaya

Boyz Town, Pattaya

Boyz Boyz Boyz, Pattaya

More about Boyz Town


Tarntawan Hotel — THE place to stay in Bangkok

Juputer, Future, Dream, Fresh, and all the other Boys in Bangkok

(all the clubs are on the same small street, so it’s very easy to go club hopping from club-to-club)

Tawan Club — the muscle boys

Gay Thailand

Spice — Thailand’s gay magazine

Dreaded Ned’s — excellent site about gay Thailand


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Another Reason to visit Thailand

November 29, 2006

AS IF… you needed another reason to visit sexual paradise on earth…

Here it is:

Need expensive dental work done?

A typical root canal in the US is about $2,000…. In Thailand, it’s $50…

Dentists that are trained in the US… with high-quality equipment and facilities…

It doesn’t take much dental work to pay for your whole entire trip to Thailand…. including a dozen “boyz” (hot young men 18-28)…. or “girls”….

Check out Bangkok’s Best Dental Clinics….

And Phuket, Pattaya, and Koh Samui’s Best Dental Clinics


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Sex is a Good Thing!

November 29, 2006

And Great Sex is a Great Thing!

Welcome to The Naughty Blog.

For a long time, I had been “threatening” to start a blog to talk about all sorts of things like… what we call, “The Monkey Business” (the escort business), gay sex, straight sex, male sexuality, sex tourism, and gay sex tourism… to places like Thailand, Philippines, Cuba, Brazil, aka Brazil, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.

Well… Here it is…

We’ll be very happy to hear your feedback, so please feel free to click on “Comments” at the bottom of any posting, and give us your feedback…

— Michael


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